Did you know: The floors of buildings are called "stories" because early European builders used to paint picture stories on the sides of their houses? Each floor had a different story...

Just like literature, our life stories have many twists and turns. For me, the story began on a horse farm in Virginia and led to teaching Middle School History and English in both Virginia and Colorado. When I moved to Denver, I immediately recognized the unique appeal and character of our central neighborhoods--moving first to Washington Park and later to Arlington Park, Platt Park, and now, Cherry Hills Vista. I am passionate about these older neighborhoods (and also about the newly blossoming ones) and it shows! I can tell you where in Denver simply crossing a street changes values by over $100 per square foot and the difference in price per square foot value by school district.

I believe that one MUST specialize in order to provide premium service in this industry. Knowing your subject, being able to provide information in a way that is clear and concise, and providing access to further resources and information are the keys to both satisfied clients and smooth, successful real estate transactions.

As both an e-PRO and a Certified Landmark Historic Realtor, I offer my clients the best of both worlds-I utilize the Internet to its maximum (whether it be to market your property, to provide you with the latest information on current listings, or to refer you to fantastic professionals in other areas of the country should you be relocating) as well as provide information about how such things as replacing your roof can potentially earn you tax credits if you live in a Historic District.

Working with someone who lacks experience and real knowledge of YOUR market can cost you thousands;my expertise is priceless! Our homes are the setting for so many of our life stories. Whether your real estate goal is to buy or to sell, I can help you create the perfect end (or beginning!) to your story!

Jennifer Collins is a Certified Denver Historic Landmark Realtor and is recommended on Tom Martino's Exlusive Referral List at